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Infant Chiropractic


Baby adjustments are SO gentle!

  • There is no crunching or cracking
  • There is not any use of heavy force or adjusting instruments
  • It involves very gentle pressure being applied to the joints of the spine and sometimes the jaw
  • Babies are placed on a cozy pillow for their adjustment, but if needed can also be held
  • Lots of babies rest peacefully or even sleep during their appointments!

After baby arrives, a visit to the office should be a top priority for mom AND baby so breastfeeding can start off on the right foot! Chiropractic adjustments can help with breastfeeding by ensuring that the baby has the ability to move freely which allows a good latch on BOTH breasts. This also helps to ensure that mom doesn’t get nipple damage, which often impacts the breastfeeding relationship.

Torticollis is a “twisted neck”. In babies, this is most often due to their position in the uterus before birth, or from pressure applied to the head and neck during birth. Either of these situations can cause joints in the baby’s neck to not be moving well, and tightness in the muscles of the neck.

Babies with torticollis often only look to one side, only like to nurse off of one breast, and always seem to have their head in one position when you look at them in pictures. But I can help! Chiropractic helps babies with Torticollis by improving joint function and decreasing tightness in musculature, which then allows the baby to move their head and neck freely.

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