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Mums – Pregnancy

I (Dr. Newman) strive to work WITH your pregnant body! I am Webster Technique Certified  (fancy phrase for knowing how to best support your spine, muscles and ligaments) so you can feel your best & help to support your body so that baby can be in optimal position for birth!  The Webster Technique can be especially useful if you have a breech baby.  During pregnancy, chiropractic care can also be helpful for neck,upper back pain and headaches in addition to lower back pain, as the entire spine is placed under stress while your body adapts to growing your sweet baby.



Whether you had a dream birth or you felt like you were sent through the ringer, your newly postpartum body will benefit from a chiropractic adjustment!
  • Helps to relieve muscle tightness and pain from pregnancy and labour
  • Helps spine to adjust to no longer being pregnant (big deal!)
  • Helps with upper back and neck pain that is common with breastfeeding/holding an infant
  • Dr Newman has special postpartum rehab training to help with pelvic floor, core, and diastasis recti assessments and care
There’s really no such thing as “too soon” for an adjustment after giving birth. So swing by on your way home from the hospital, or take a little excursion after your home birth  –  we are here to love on you and your fresh babe!

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